05 May 2019

This week there have been a mixture of projects, some painted and other upholstered. 

Very enjoyable trying out new ideas, because we don't all like the same style, so we have to cater for all tastes. 

During this week we have met some more wonderful clients, and have 2 more House content sales due to be advertised in the coming week. The last two have had a lot of interest, and the clients have been more than happy with the prices that we have achieved for them, which is a lot more than if they had gone to a company who buy the full contents. 

The items have been very varied, and all in very good condition, which is great for those people buying. Getting a bargain is what we all hope for....

Exciting prospects and ideas look to be on the horizon for us, can't say too much at this point, so I'm afraid that you'll just have to keep watching to see exactly what this might be! 


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