02 Jan 2019

During the middle of 2018 I began to offer our clients yet another service, which is proving very popular. 

We have had several clients and friends who have over the last few years, decided to sell and move on to pastures new. In doing so, have then had the headache of selling their homes/ holiday homes, and the contents which they haven't wanted to take with them. In order to do this, it has meant being in France to advertise them and have the items collected, or organise a Vide Maison, both of which takes time which is not always possible if they have work or family commitments.

I have always had a strong sales background, and so the latest of our services to be offered to our clients began to form. We initially began by helping several of our friends to sell their unwanted items. But soon they were passing on our information to other stressed property sellers.

So if you find yourself in the position of selling your home, but not having the time or inclination to sell your contents, I have a list of clients wanting items, and you may just have what they are looking for, so give me a call to see how we can help you, and make at least this part of the selling process as simple as possible. Added to this, you have a chance to make a little bit more from the sale of your contents which 'House contents buyers' would not offer you.


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