18 Jul 2017

Hi there, I'm back again, after a bit of a delay...These past few months have been exceedingly busy, both on the Interior & Exterior Decorating, and the Garden clearance work. We have quite a number of new clients again this year, which only goes to prove that Brexit hasn't has too much of an impact so far...

The Immobilliers tell us that the buyers are now looking for permanent homes, as opposed to holiday properties, which in our opinion is quite correct. The value of the properties they are selling has also increased too, as obviously people will spend more on a permanent home than they will one on they will only use for a few weeks of the year.

We have had a number of properties to paint inside and out, and some wonderful clients who came to us by referrals, which is always good. Worked past on to us from other trademen who either found the work to be too greater distance to travel, too far and it becomes too expensive for the client, and also makes for a very long day for the tradesmen too.

We have also had the contents of two properties to sell on behalf of 2 of our clients, one selling up to move back to the UK, the other furniture and DIY supplies surplus to requirements. This is an area which I enjoy enormously, as my husband would say '''You can sell sand to an Arab ''. I find it very rewarding matching 'sellers' with 'searchers', it has become another service we now offer our clients. It's time consumming, but I find that it passes away the hours in the evening quite nicely, as I've never been one for watching very much TV.

Gary has had some challenging 'gardens' to clear, I use the word gardens...but in fact they are no more than rough plots of land. After several hours or days of hard work, clients can see what they have actually bought, and begin to make plans on what they want to achieve from their new acreage. 

One particular job that has just been booked into the diary, is daunting to say the very least. A client we first met a few years ago, has recently contacted us once again. They have a huge barn which they are going to renovate into Gite accommodation. However, before they can begin the building work, years of Ivy growth has to be removed. There is no other way, short of brute force, sweat and a little cursing, that you can remove this problematic weed. So keep watching, and I'll post updates as we go along. 

On a far smaller scale, but no less physical hard work, in blistering French summer sun, a garden wall that was smothered in Ivy, and now uncovered and ready for pointing up to be done, another very happy client.



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