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I can heartily recommend Avril for very high quality upholstery services, and for pointing me in the direction of a wonderful range of beautiful fabrics to choose from.

If you are looking for something with which to furnish your home Avril can help to source items.

We bought a lovely ''Cuddle'' chair and a matching 2 seater sofa from Avril recently.

We can't recommend her highly enough.

P & M

I met Avril Jones through a friend who spoke very highly of her.

When I told her what I needed, she always came through with wonderful finds and treasures for me.

She and her husband have gone out of their way to deliver things to my house, and even put a lovely Laura Ashley day bed together for me.

Avril also has interesting items from vide maisons and vide greniers on her page. She has a keen eye.

She was also able to steer me in the direction of a lady who has the most sumptuous one of a kind fabrics for sale at her atelier...

I highly recommend working with Avril to put your house together.

Charlene L

My husband and I live in the US but have a home in the Charente Region. 

Thankfully I came across some items Avril was selling and in picking them up whilst in France, we met. 

I have known Avril for about 2 years and we have been not only loyal customers but she's become a friend.

Her items are not only wonderful finds but good quality and at a very market fair price.

She is reliable, reputable and a professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her but enthusiastically say she's terrific

Heather and Ron Barbarino

Initially we contacted Gary via the local free 'Etcetera' magazine, to do some badly needed garden and barn clearance work, that we have not had time or inclination to complete. We also read that Avril did Interior & Exterior painting, great news for us, all the work we needed doing, and completed by the both of them. 

We found Gary to be very hard working (even though the week he was with us was exceptionally hot), he was quick and left the plot as clean as a whistle.

Avril had to jiggle her diary to accommodate us due to prior bookings, and the weather which at that point made exterior painting a bit of a problem for her. Work completed in the original estimated time,  and she worked cleanly, tidying at the end of each day, and professional finish.

Gary & Avril are both friendly, trustworthy and very hard working, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. 

The G's Haute-Vienne

I have recently had Avril & Gary here to do some work for me recently.  I found them to be very hard working and took pride in all areas of work they do. They are trustworthy, tidy and leave no mess at the end of the day. They respect your property, and they never disclose any security information concerning the property.

It was a pleasure having them work at my home, and with full confidence that the work would be done, and that they would not leave until they were happy with the completed job.

I will have them back again as I need a lot of painting doing inside my property.

If you need work doing, I highly recommend Avril & Gary, they will do a good job, no fuss, no standing around drinking tea, they just get on and get the job done.

T  L Haute Vienne


Due to client confidentiality I cannot add this clients name or address, so we will just call them JGD from Charente.

"We purchased our house in the Charente in February 2016, and externally the woodwork was tired and damaged from sun exposure. Avril & Gary were mentioned to us, and initially they renovated all the external shutters, taking them back to the wood, and the work made them as good as new. 

More recently they attended to all the external windows and doors, and again the work is excellent. The house exterior has been restored to it's former glory.

We highly recommend Avril & Gary's trustworthy and professional services".


We would really like to 'Thank' you and Gary for all the work you have done for us, it has made our visits to France all the more enjoyable, and would like to enlist your services for next year (2016) too.

All the best,

Adrian & Margaret C.

Adrian & Margaret C.

As I had already used Avril on a previous occasion to decorate, I didn't hesitate to ask her to return to paint my windows, shutters and doors. Gone is the awful faded plum/grey peeling paint, and now replaced with gorgeous Atlantique Vert, what a difference....so much brighter and cheerful. It just made me wonder why I hadn't got it done earlier. Now it's even more pleasurable to sit in the garden with friends, bread, cheese and wine, on a wonderfully sunny day.

If you want or need any painting done, don't just sit there thinking about it, pick up the phone and call Avril, you won't be disappointed.

Josephine R, Haute Vienne

We bought a house in the Vienne after three long years of searching. The day we got our keys and arrived at our new French home with a van full of our belongings. On stepping inside the property, we were faced with a house full of rubbish (which we had been instructed would be removed prior to our arrival!). We didn't know where to begin. Luckily for us a friend who had been living in the area for a number of years produced a telephone number. Problem solved.

Gary arrived the following day with van and trailer in tow, removed the rubbish from the important rooms first. Total of 5 full loads later, 'Job's a good un' all gone.

We have since had Avril start decorating the bedrooms, and she'll return later in the year when more rooms downstairs are finished.

Would we recommend? you bet we would. they are the three P's......Professional, Prompt and Polite

The best thing is, we now have two new friends. Thanks for all the hard work, (and the suppers/wine too when the electric wasn't working).

Sarah and Tony B. Dept 86

After the sudden and unexpected announcement from our first decorator that he was unable to complete the job, we naturally felt very dis-heartened as there was still a lot of exterior painting to be done and the weather was no longer on our side. This is where Avril and Gary came to the rescue and salvaged the situation. With the weather still holding fine...just, they accepted and completed the job in five days. They worked tierlessly, proffesionally and with great attention to detail. They really listened to our needs and did what they said they were going to do ! Our only regret is that we were unaware of their full scope of expertise when we first went out for quotes.

Would we use them again......... we most certainly would !

Can we recommend them......... absolutely !

Our grateful thanks to Avril and Gary.

Lesley & Harry Katvars, Dept 86

Avril & Gary Jones.

We had searched for some considerable time to find a Devis/Quotes for painting the exterior of our house for a reasonable fee and time scale, without success! ! We then recieved a recommendation from a friend who had used the services recently of Avril and Gary.....Problem solved. Time to paint the house? 4 days maximum and at more than reasonable cost! During those 4 days, they didn't stop (quite literally for a cup of tea) and even during this time they continued to paint until the tea cooled.

Everything was carried out efficiently, and to our complete satisfaction. (Avril is returning shortly to paint all our metal gates and windows). We can write paragraphs in praise, but the bottom line is that should you require any work that is within their area of expertise, probably one of the greatest mistakes you will make, will be in not contacting them. You will be pleasantly surprised with not only the standard of work, and leaving the area clean & tidy, but you can rest assured that they are honest, hard working and reliable.

We had an overall impression that they were there to do the very best for us that they could, and were very pleasant both before and after work.

Mr & Mrs John Murphy, Dept 86

Thanks for all the help you gave us, and we wish you continued success for your business. 


Cathy W

We met Avril 3 years ago, she brought a 'New Home' card, welcoming us to the village. From that point on we have become good friends.

We return to England (sadly quite often of late) but we have complete peace of mind that Avril is there to keep an eye on our home and maintain our swimming pool. We have been one or two problems over the past few years whilst we have been away, but Avril uses her initiative and sorts any issues out on our behalf.

We have a lovely little dog called Benji, if we are out for the day, Avril lets him out to stretch his legs (and uncross his legs), and Avril has also done this at short notice when we have been delayed. All it needed was a brief phone call from us, and we can relax for the rest of the day, knowing he's being cared for.
After being away, we can return to our home with the knowledge that the heating will be on low, the water heater switched on and the log burner laid ready to light.

We have recently bought some old wooden furniture which Avril has restored and painted to a wonderful ivory shabby chic, she has also made some lovely cushions and table runner too.. She has a creative mind and will make anything you require, and offers advise or ideas too.

We have found Avril to be realiable, honest, trustworthy (important when you entrust someone with your home and animal) and an amenable person who we would recommend to anybody!

Andrew & Karen, Dept 86

If you've never seen a whirlwind at work then you've never met Avril. Small, but full of energy and enthusiasm. Too much if you ask me. In the past she has cleared out our unwanted garden vegetation during the "bonfires are banned" season with an awful lot of that energy and enthusiasm. Oh, and I forgot to mention she's got a van and trailer. Luckily we don't have either, so that means we can quite happily feel exhausted watching Avril at work whilst sampling a rather nice vin rouge and wondering what we'll be having for lunch. And no. In case you were wondering, she doesn't cook lunch for us. Although I'm sure she probably would if asked.

Now, here's the rub and the best bit: Avril is absolutely soppy about dogs.
Anyway, that's how we came to meet her some years ago. With the two of us (that's me and the wifely one,) going back and forth to Angleterre we not only needed someone to house sit but, more importantly, to look after an ageing slightly highly strung English Springer. The dog and Avril are now the best of mates whenever they meet. And that tells you something about how well Avril looked after the damn hound. If only I could get the same joyeous response from the mutt evertime I appear in a room I'd be happy.....
Feeding the hound, walking same, looking after the house - opening/closing shutters etc etc - nothing is too much trouble. House is immaculate when we get back because Avril has done a quick "clean-up" even though we didn't ask her, but just so that we could ease ourselves back into the French life, without the thought of having to do housework straight away. On one occasion she even had one of the wood burners happily blazing away as we returned on a freezing December afternoon.

Christopher & Margot, Dept 86

My husband and I opened a Chambre D'Hote, and after renovation was completed Avril made several pairs of very long and lined curtains, and bedding for us. Finished the rooms off a treat.

We have also had Avril come and take care of two cats and two dogs (some who had ailments at the time), while we were away at a family wedding. It's nice to know that your loved ones, are in safe and capable hands.

J&C, Dept 86

Avril made a beautiful job of the loose covers for our dining room chairs, completed in very good time and outstanding quality of finish - we are very pleased to recommend Avril for all types of bespoke home furnishings.


Mr & Mrs Hicks, Vienne. Chambre D'Hote

Avril & Gary Jones, What good people!

They are both honest, hard working, independant and have good sense of humour. We all work well together, they have helped me solve problems that have occured in my renovations, and we have discussed many ideas for my property together.

Avril's work is solid, she is a good planner, giving me details of things I need to buy for her to continue her work, but she also likes to finish her days work, no matter how long it takes, so that she can be ready for the next stage. Sometimes she offers extra help when she sees that I have a problem, and it is good to have someone who is reliable and trustworthy, as I spend alot of time back and forth to Holland. So they also hold a key for me too, I always have peace of mind when I am not here, that my home is in safe hands.

Gary demolished an old bread oven for me, very heavy work, and they cleared away all the rubble and left it clean ready for the next stage of work. Gary also pollards my Lime Trees each year, and informs me of any branches that need removing, safety for me is always his main priority.

Summarising: For me they are an English gift in France.

E.Z., Haute-Vienne

Avril JonesMe and Mrs Jones met a few years ago, but last summer was the first time I needed help around the flying school and farm....well Avril was a complete god send!....She does whatever is asked of her, works hard, is punctual, reliable and is always pleasant to have around - Thanks Avril!!

Wanafly Airsports Ltd. 0033 555 60211.
www.wanafly.co.uk   or   info@wannafly.co.uk

I had a birthday flight a couple of years ago with Wanafly (see the photo to the right) - Dave is a great instructor and made me feel really at ease - thanks again for that, Dave!

Amanda & Dave Lord, Wanafly

Gary Jones!

Hard working, reliable, and Very trustworthy. Gary came and cleared away a lot of garden rubbish and general unwanted items from our home. He later called us to ask, "Do you really want or intend to throw away your family colour photo slides and projectors?". I was astounded, I couldn't recall putting those boxes amongst  the rubbish to be removed, but was so pleased that he discovered them whilst seperating the cardboard, metal, bricks, plastic etc before taking it to the Dechetterie. When I explained that there must have been a mix up, he immediately said he'd return them the following day, which he did.

So would I use him again? or recommend him to others, I most certainly would. 

Tompson, Haute-Vienne

I had the occasion to ring Gary as I had a large quantity of rubbish to be cleared out of my garage, after the death of my husband. Gary arrived later that week with his van, and Avril, and between them they cleared away all the rubbish, leaving the space spotlessly clean. The van they have was full by the time they left, but they were quick and efficient, and most importantly, I felt safe. All too often you hear of us older folk being taken advantage of in one way or another. But they are both very quick workers and trustworthy.

Elizabeth, Civray

My husband and I rang and asked if Gary could come and give a price for some rubbish to be removed. He arrived on time, and after we agreed the price, immediately set about removing our unwanted items that same day.

It's nice to meet people who are willing to work, and not charge a fortune - Thanks again for your help!

Mr & Mrs Chambers, Vienne

Avril Jones is a lady with a pleasant personality who is always willing to help and who will turn her hand to anything and do an excellent job. She is conscientious and reliable in all she undertakes and I would recommend her unreservedly.

Vernon & Betty, Lathus, Vienne

About two years ago, Avril came and helped me paint my lounge. We chatted and had a thoroughly good afternoon, and got it completed that same day. I couldn't have done it as quickly alone, and everything was left clean and tidy, and all furniture replaced before Avril left.

A very useful person to know, and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.

Josephine R., Haute-Vienne