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You are probably already aware, quite a lot of the houses in France have been empty for quite a some time before we buy them.

This envariably means cleaning out all unwanted rubbish from the houses and barns, before you can even consider begining your renovation work. You'd also be amazed at what rubbish is sometimes buried in the undergrowth, ( and it's not always a nice surprise). 

Cultivating your vegetable garden is something that we all dream about achieving in our French idyll. But to get it to the stage where you can actually begin growing vegetables or plants, or housing animals/ livestock, can sometimes take a long time and a lot of hard work (and blisters). This is where we are here to help.

After the main clearance is completed, we also offer an on going gardening service, for either clients with their French holiday homes, or for those resident who live here that just need a few hours per week to keep things in tip top condition or for during their trips back to the UK or holidays.

You may also just need an extra pair of hands from time to time, or a man with a van & trailer for a few hours!

Why not get in touch with my husband Gary, to discuss any of the above services,

Telephone 05 49 83 04 24 or Email moc.liamg@ecnarfecrofdnuorgeht siret no. 538 689 308 00012


Another service which has become very popular recently. The clients know their pets are in good hands, and will be well looked after like one of our family. In most cases, we take care of the animal in their own home, this gives less stress for the pet, and the owners too. With the added bonus of extra security to their property while they are away.


We have several clients for who we hold keys. Their properties may either be holiday homes, properties for sale or their permanent homes, or just in the case of emergency. Giving them peace of mind, as well as having someone on hand to switch water, electric or heating on and off as required. 

We also offer help with Gite changeover, on a regular basis, or just when you need an extra pair of hands during the high season.


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Bottom pathway before © 2018 Avril Jones Bottom pathway during © 2018 Avril Jones Bottom pathway after © 2018 Avril Jones Gazebo area before © 2018 Avril Jones Gazebo area during © 2018 Avril Jones Gazebo area after © 2018 Avril Jones This is one very loved little boy. © 2018 Avril Jones Abi, this is a special little girl, who I have become very fond. © 2018 Avril Jones Abi, enjoying the snowy outdoors © 2018 Avril Jones